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Sightseeing in Galaxidi

Delphi: At a stone’s throw, about 30 minutes by car, you will be enchanted by both the journey and the ancient civilization that is preserved to our day, making Delphi an unrivaled attraction for thousands of tourists from all over the world.

At the harbor of Agii Pantes: Following the road that connects Galaxidi with Nafpaktos, after at 12 km, we will find- wanting it or not- the tiny port of Agii Pantes. The settlement with the liliputian beach and the few shops is an ideal place for lunch and swimming, while by continuing your trip you can arrive at the beautiful Nafpaktos.

In the neighborhoods of Amfissa:Going up to Amfissa, the capital of the prefecture of Fokida, at the top of the hill, with its famous castle, built by Franks and Catalan knights, is a worthwhile excursion. From here the view of the city and the olive groves is unobstructed. Harmeina, the old neighbourhood, is equally interesting with its traditional houses and the old tanneries. If you have some spare time, you should visit the Archaeological Museum and the Municipal Art Gallery exhibiting works of the painter Sp. Papaloukas ( tel . 22650 29775).

The Mining Park:Driving through the national road Amfissa - Gravia you will have the unique experience of a guided tour (you should make an arrangement for that) at “Vagoneto” , the Theme Mining Park of Fokida, unique in its kind in Greece. At a depth of 500 meters in the conserved gallery "850", the bauxite mining scenery has been realistically built. (information: www.vagonetto.gr)

Climbing to the Monastery of Christ the Savior: after 5 km, a narrow, uphill road starting from the harbor will take you to the Monastery of Christ the Savior at a height of 300 meters, with the wonderful view of the Corinthian Gulf. The church is very old and it was probably erected at the base of an early Christian one. Today’s church was built in 1250 by Michael II Angelos Komninos, Despot of Epirus. It is single-aisle, cross-vaulted one, with rectangular view. In 1750, a male monastery was constructed here, which was later destroyed by an earthquake. Here, among the ruins of the monastery, the manuscript "Chronicle of Galaxidi" of the 18th century was found.

Agios Nicholaos, the patron saint of the city: Visible from everywhere, the church of Agios Nicholaos is built on the site of an ancient sanctuary, probably of Apollo. Today's church was built in 1900 by the architects Hajer and Papapetros . It is a three-aisled basilica with a dome and two bell towers. Here lies the "Great Horologium" of the city, donated by the family Sidiropoulos in 1908. The church is full of offerings by sailors, while the elaborate wooden templon, made by craftsmen from Epirus, possibly by the famous Moschos, from Metsovo, is extremely impressive.

Monastery of Hosios Loukas: “The Agia Sophia of Roumeli” is one of the most important monuments of Middle Byzantine art and architecture and it is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is about 50 minutes' drive away.


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